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>> Sunday, June 5, 2011

School opening is two days away from us and I can’t say that we are totally ready for it. We have been busy enjoying the break that we have postponed the necessary preparations up to the last minute. My daughter and I arrived from our trip back to our first home last Thursday. On Friday, I braved the commute to the metro to meet some girl friends because D, who is from Bicol arrived for a short visit. That night, I also received some invitations for another meet up the following day. I had to refuse because it is our scheduled day of shopping for school stuff. It would have been fun seeing the other girls too! But anyway, there is no need to despair as we have two more opportunities to see each other this month and we are all so excited! But before that happens, we have to be good mommies first and help our kids prepare for another fun and memorable school year.

What about you? Are you and your kid/s ready for school year 2011-2012?


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