We Took a Dip!

>> Sunday, May 29, 2011

My daughter and I have been on a vacation for one week now. We did not have a good start though, no thanks to Cebu Pacific, but that horror story deserves another post. I am just happy that I have finally fulfilled my daughter’s longtime request to spend some time at the beach. I brought her beach where my best friend celebrated his birthday last year.

It is underdeveloped compared to the neighboring beaches which are complete with slides, pools with pool lifts, parks, restaurants, videoke and other facilities. However, we like it there because it is serene and clean. We can rest and waddle and take a dip sans the noise and crowd. We like the privacy that the place provides. The food tare also delectable and the staff, courteous.

Hopefully, we can return there before the year ends. My husband also loves the place and we are hoping to have him with us in our next beach trip.


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