A Timex Watch or an iPad 2?

>> Thursday, May 12, 2011

Someone is celebrating his birthday very soon and as a birthday gift for his self, he wants to buy a very cool gadget. Initially, all he wanted was this:

Timex Ironman

The Timex Ironman Global Trainer Bodylink System. This GPS-enabled watch is for athletes who wish to track their pace, speed and distance. He asked me to canvass for this product at the malls but since I learned about how much a piece of this costs, I have been doing my best to discourage him and buy this instead:

iPad 2 
Yes, an iPad 2. If he wants a cool gadget, this is the one. However, he has been very persistent. He already owns and iPhone and sees no use for an iPad. He insists that the watch can motivate him to get back into running again, which, I seriously doubt. It’s not that I don’t fully support him. It’s just I know him too well. ;)

For almost three weeks now, we have been exchanging notes. Once in a while he pops a question to help him make the decision. To quote “What is the compelling reason for me to buy an iPad 2?” Since it is him who has the answers to my life’s serious questions, doing his role is quite tough. But I think that it was so smart of me to think of an acceptable answer and that is, he can use an iPad for the two jobs he’s holding. And yeah, he’s buying it. My idea I mean. But no, he is not giving up on the Timex watch yet! So I came up with another idea. He go back to running and if after a month, he is able to sustain it, he can go for that watch and I will keep my mouth shut. Forever. :D

Happy, happy birthday to you!


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