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>> Saturday, May 21, 2011

Some old friends and I were invited to a first birthday party of a friend’s son last week. Since I did not have enough time to scout for a gift, I resorted to a buying a book which I think is a safe choice. Moreover, it is a Bible story book for toddlers which is perfect for the birthday boy. An hour or so before boarding a bus that would take me to the metro, I visited my favorite bookstore, the OMF Lit in SM City in San Fernando.

There is an ongoing promo which has let me save a LOT in my book purchases. Aside from my gift for the birthday boy, I also grabbed some titles that I have been eyeing for some time. Also, I was able to buy some books for my husband and some friends. And to keep me preoccupied during my bus trip, I read one of the titles that I purchased which is all about proper management of personal financial resources. I was able to finish it before reaching my destination despite the noise made by two passengers on the adjacent seats. They were having an arugment on which rv insurance quote is the best. *sigh*
Anyway, going back. This ongoing OMF Lit promo is named

R.O.B Us (Raid Our Bookshop: Ultimate Sale) Forty-fied. It runs until May 31. Two hundred (200) titles are 40% off and all other books are discounted at 30%. Moreover, there in-store surprises. When I shopped there last week, I was asked to fill out a form that will qualify me for a raffle. (I hope I’ll win!).

Now let me share with you two of the titles that I bought which are at 40% off:

How to Read the Bible Book by Book
by Gordon D. Fee and Douglas Stuart. P 225   P 135

Description: This journey from Genesis to Revelation shows how key elements in Scripture fit into the bigger narrative of God's Word.
I find this as a perfect companion once I get back to my Bible-reading next month. I am very interested to know some historical facts and persons behind the books in the Bible and these are well-presented by this book. Orienting data, overviews, advices and walk through are provided for all books which makes Bible-reading for me more captivating.

Spirit-Controlled Temperament by Tim LaHaye. P250   P 150
Description: A helpful discussion on the strengths and weaknesses of a person's temperament.  Shows how the Holy Spirit helps a believer live above anger, fear, depression, and selfishness.
Temperaments and personalities have been fascinating for me. I guess that is inherent because of the nature of my work at the university for more than a decade. I have read and studied a lot of theories regarding the subject but this book is one of the easiest to understand. I started reading this book last night and I was very amused when I read about the temperament type that I have. Can you guess which one?

I am a Sanguine! I was resisting at first but as I kept on reading, I kept on saying, “Hey, that is very me!”. Yes, the book exposes the different strengths and weaknesses of the four temperaments. But what makes this book different from other books that cover the same topic is that it provides insights on how the Holy Spirit changes us and make us better sons and daughters of God. Yes, we are flawed in every humanly manner but this book confirms that yes, there is hope and that there is redemption.

Take advantage of this promo to stock up on good books. For a complete list of books which you can get at 40% off, click HERE.

Wondering where to find OMF Lit bookstores? Check out this list:

Boni Bookshop

776 Boni Ave cor Pinatubo
1550 Mandaluyong City

Telephone: 531.6635


Pergola Bookshop

2/F The Pergola
A. Aguirre Ave., BF Homes
ParaƱaque City
Telephone: 403.2975


Greenbelt Bookshop

G/F Greenbelt 1

(Legaspi St. entrance)
Ayala Center, Makati City
Telephone: 869.0340



QC Bookshop

Upper Ground Level

Il Terrazzo
Tomas Morato cor. Sct. MadriƱan
Quezon City

Telephone: 355.0519



SM Pampanga Bookshop

Ground Floor Main Mall

(near Supermarket)
SM City Pampanga

Telephone: (+63.45) 455.3080



SM Tarlac Bookshop

Level 3, SM City Tarlac
Tarlac City

Telephone: (+63.45) 606.0136



F. Ramos Bookshop

Units 111-112 Marijoy Bldg,
306 F. Ramos St, Cebu City

Telephone: (+63.32) 253.1525



Banilad Bookshop

Gov. M. Cuenco Ave. cor El Dorado Subdivision
Cebu City

Telephone: (+63.32) 346.7142 or  418.1439



Davao Bookshop

G/F Mitaji Building
Tionko cor. Mapa Sts.
8000 Davao City

Telephone: (+63.82) 221.3416



Robinsons CDO Bookshop

Level 2 Robinsons

Cagayan de Oro

Telephone: (+63.88) 852.1214



Robinsons Gen San City Bookshop

Level 1 Robinsons Place

General Santos City

Telephone: (+63.83) 552.0437




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Thanks for this great post! Glad you love our books!

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