E-books Instead of Text Books?

>> Thursday, May 12, 2011

School time is just around the corner and we have not enrolled our daughter yet. We still got plenty of time, the husband assured me. We even have not started shopping for some school supplies on our list to think that we are leaving for another trip next weekend. We will be going to the mall this weekend and I need to remind the husband about those school supplies.

We also need to shop for a new and bigger school bag too since our daughter will be taking more subjects (which means more books) this school year. How I wish that a time will come when their school utilizes e-books instead of the big, bulky and heavy paper books. That instead of scouting the malls for a durable bag, all I need to do is read laptop reviews to compare before buying a good one for my pupil.

Use of e-books is environment-friendly and good for my back too (because it is I who carries her heavy bag daily). Moreover, we all know how much textbooks cost these days. E-books, I think, are more cost-efficient. My friends shared that some schools in Manila have already tried using e-books in some of their subjects. I hope that other schools (including our daughter’s) can catch up and do the same. And soon!


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