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>> Wednesday, April 27, 2011

As a blogger, I am in continuous search for different software to help me do my job efficiently. I heavily rely on a desktop blog-publishing application in posting entries and some graphic designing software when posting with photos.

Below are some free software downloads that can be useful whether you are a blogger or not:

FileZilla: It is a free cross-platform FTP software that supports FTP, SFTP, and FTPS. My friend and I are users of this and we can attest on the ease of use of this software.  

FreeMind: If you are in need of a free mind-mapping application, FreeMind is for you. It is an application written in Java and it allows you to create a public map of ideas that revolve around a central concept.

YouTube Downloader: Whether for work or entertainment, YouTube Downloader is a handy free software that lets you download a video from YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo Video or Google Video to convert them into other formats. This is very useful for owners of iPod, cell phone and MP3 devices who wish to view their favorite videos using their gadgets.

GIMP: Or GNU Image Manipulation Program is a free image retouching and editing tool. If you find Photoshop too complex, GIMP is for you with its simple and user-friendly interface.

GnuCash: If only accounting was taught to us by using this software, I would have not loathed the subject during college. GnuCash is an open source free accounting software the lets you work in a double-entry bookkeeping system. My accountant friends will surely find this free software a useful tool in accomplishing their work.


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