>> Saturday, April 16, 2011

Yes, I am back for about a week now though I have been slacking on my blogging. Blame it on the hangover from the fun vacation that I had. It was a good trip – I was able to meet old friends and try out a new restaurant with them. And being the slacker that I am, I did the some errands a day before my trip to another city – visit the bank for some updating of our accounts and the social security services office (along with a friend who followed up her parent’s social security disability

claims). Moreover, per the husband’s instructions, I also paid my health insurance fee for the entire year.

The ride to the bigger city is a different experience altogether. It was with two good friends and it surely was a fun ride. My stay there is memorable too and it involved meeting old friends. Upon my return to the metro, my husband and I had so much fun making new friends with old acquaintances. We attended an friend’s ordination and his first Mass. All these meeting with friends (new and old alike) involved good food. Indeed, I am in a good company!

Our next visit which will take place in the upcoming month will be a shorter one, thus, I need to carefully plan my schedule. I have to prioritize *work* over leisure which I think, isn’t a great feat. Really. ;)


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