When It Comes to Industrial Pumps

>> Thursday, March 10, 2011

Colfax is the leading manufacturer when it comes to Industrial Pumps, transfer pumps, injection pumps and other related technology. Their years of experience in the service plus their intensive research work has made them the leader when it comes to designing and producing rotary screw pumps.

Colfax carry known brands such as Allweiler‚ Houttuin‚ Imo‚ Tushaco and Warren brands. Each of these brands is designed to specialize into a certain technology. For example, through its Allweiler and Tushaco brands, Cofax is providing its market with reliable and efficient Commercial Marine Pumps. On the other hand, Tushaco and Zenith brands are gear pumps for critical metering applications in global chemical and polymer processing markets.

Colfax Corporation strives to provide its clientele a comprehensive portfolio of pumping and fluid handling equipment and technology. Their capacity to deliver a wide variety of product technologies and unmatched expertise make them the reliable leader in their field.


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