A Weekend with Grandma, Aunts, Cousins and a Dog

>> Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our Sunday last weekend was spent over at an aunt’s house. My husband’s grandmother also lives there and we both had fun listening to her stories about her past and present. On the other hand, our daughter spend the morning following Auntie Rose around the kitchen. We all enjoyed a hefty meal composed of salad, sautéed vegetables with shrimps and fried catfish (my favorite!). For dessert, we had fresh fruits.

After lunch, I flipped through a new magazine that we bought that morning and was reading an long article about acne treatment that works before falling asleep on the sofa. I woke up seeing my husband was also asleep at the couch nearby. On the other hand, our daughter was enjoying some TV and computer time when we finally decided to collect her from the house next door where another aunt lives. We played with their dog and then left for home.

It was a restful and enjoyable day with them despite the scorching heat. And again, we are looking forward to another great weekend. As always.


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