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>> Saturday, March 19, 2011

Early last year, Urbana Laser Hair Removal has revolutionized hair removal by providing a technology that offers permanent body hair reduction which is proven to be be virtually painless. The Pain-Free, Hair-Free hair removal technology is claimed to be the next-generation of laser hair removal, freeing us from the expensive waxing, painful plucking and the burden of daily shaving and helps us to obtain a silky smooth and beautiful skin. 

This state of the art medical laser technology was even tested and highly praised by a Liz Dwyer, the Beauty Editor of Image Magazine. According to Liz,

"In my seven years as a beauty editor, I’ve scarcely been so impressed.” when she was invited to try the Urbana Laser Hair Removal and write an honest review about her experience. Image Magazine is one of Ireland’s leading beauty and lifestyle magazines.

At Urbana, one is always assured of quality service and best prices. They always place their clients’

safety on top of their priority thus:

  • Laser treatments are never rushed.
  • If, after thorough assessment, a client is found to be unfit for a laser treatment, she will be refused as a laser client.
  • All laser treatments of a client will be done by the same therapist all through out the course of treatment to ensure the best results possible.
  • Clients are ensured to receive the best hair reduction possible from the treatments.
  • Medical Grade Soprano XL Diode Lasers are used.
  • All Urbana staff have at least four years of experience in laser hair removal.


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