Ordinateurs de Bureau?

>> Thursday, March 24, 2011

That is my girl doing one of her many favorite things to do and that is reading. She has plenty of books both here and back at my parents’ house. We are thinking of shipping them here because she has been complaining about being bored with her current collection of books. 

And the things she learn from her books! Last night, she asked me to buy Ordinateurs de bureau for her. I asked her what that means but she just laughed and told me to figure it out myself as she continued reading her illustrated French – English dictionary.

Thanks to an online translator, I finally learned what the phrase means so in reply, though a bit late, I told her that an Ordinateur de bureau has no room here because our place is very much occupied by her books, toys, art work and art materials. Aside from that, she can always borrow and play on my netbook so a desktop is not necessary. She just gave me her widest smile and I take it as a confirmation that my answer are satisfactory because:

  1. I took time to know what the term she uttered meant and more importantly,

  2. I said what she wants to hear – that she can borrow my netbook and play her online games there.

Oh this kid never fails to amaze and amuse me!


aynzan March 24, 2011 at 3:57 PM  

Kids!! They are so smart! :)

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