Giant Rabbit Sculpture Made of Porcelain

>> Thursday, March 3, 2011

I have always been amazed at the inventiveness of the human mind. It lets him improve his life and those of others. It is amazing what a person can do if he lets his mind imagine and his hands make it a reality. His inventiveness can even make him create extraordinary things out of the ordinary. Take the people of Jingdezhen City in China for example. They need not look any further to celebrate Chinese New Year early this year.

To welcome the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, the people of Jingdezhen made a giant statue of a rabbit using 30,000 porcelain plates. Jingdezhen is known as the porcelain city for 1,700 years now, thus, it makes perfect sense that the people of Jingdezhen use their centuries-old skill to commemorate the event. In order to create the giant rabbit sculpture, metal was used as the main frame of the structure which they covered with thousands of porcelain plates. 

Porcelain Rabbit 
We know that there are other stories out there that not only features ordinary things like kitchen utensils or even scraps which are being used to come up with new and impressive creations just like what the people of Jingdezhen in China did.


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