A Date with Roy

>> Friday, March 18, 2011

I feel very lucky to have friends who, despite distance, have never failed to make me feel that they are just around. What’s nicer though is having a chance to see them once in a while, exchange stories while enjoying good food (which is one vice I share with most of my friends) and just spend time together.

One such instance happened yesterday with an old friend of mine from the university. He was once a student leader during my stint as student affairs practitioner. We met at the mall yesterday for early lunch. We have placed our order when all of a sudden, an unexpected power outage took place. It’s a good thing that the mall has stand by honda generators so we did not have to eat our meal in darkness. Haha! After enjoying our lunch composed of pasta and pizza, we went around the mall to find a nice pair of sneakers and a jacket for him. Afterward, we proceeded to the bookstore where he bought a Paulo Coelho book and went home.

It feels good to touch base with an old friend again. He will be celebrating his birthday next month and we surely have planned to celebrate it somewhere. I can’t wait!


Jhari March 22, 2011 at 8:16 AM  

Ang haba na ng hair mo teh.

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