Wednesday Happy Thoughts

>> Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Thoughts


It’s the middle of the week and it means two things: the weekend is almost here and it’s time for our Wednesday Happy Thoughts! Mine are:

  1. Meeting our dearest Ninang Cora this afternoon + the possibility of visiting her and Ninong Mon this month.
  2. Pigging out at Susie’s Cuisine with my girl while waiting for Ninang Cora.
  3. Facebook, Twitter and YM.

  4. My favorite books and authors.

  5. Online work.

  6. The amazing girl in my life. She knows how to make me smile. Always.

  7. The Husband – my partner in crime. Haha! He is very supportive of my undertakings (since I am equally supportive of his plans too!).

  8. A luxury called SLEEP.

  9. The cold weather (though it’s trying to test how healthy I am. Tsk.)

  10. I scrapped a page! See HERE.


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