Mochi by Susie’s Cuisine

>> Monday, February 21, 2011

It’s not a secret that my daughter, husband and I have been frequenting the famous Susie’s Cuisine for breakfast and snacks during weekends. Our usual fare is usually loaded with carbohydrates and sugar so it is no wonder that the husband and I have been adding more inches around the middle. We ought to control our binge eating at Susie’s or else we might resort to using the

best diet pills to lose those unwanted bulges.

We usually eat palabok, baked carbonara, siomai and slices of some native delicacies like tibok-tibok and halayang ube. One of our recent delectable find at Susie’s is their mochi. We had no idea what that is until a close friend of ours asked that we bring her some during a visit. We tried it last week and indeed, it is very delicious! And here’s a photo of what I have been raving about – Susie’s Cuisine's mochi:

Susie's Cuisine Mochi


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