Wasting Time

>> Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I was hoping to be a bit productive last night and do some blogging and reading before I hit the sack. However, I chanced upon my best friend who was online on Facebook chat and what do you know, we talked and talked until midnight! I do not mind “wasting” time with friends though because after all, they are MY FRIENDS.

Anyway, I haven’t had a good, long talk with my best friend for a long time. December is our birth month but being a busy period for both of us, we did not have a chance to meet. Thus, last night, we agreed to hold a belated birthday celebration before this month ends.  We also talked about gadgets and books and the major changes that we hope to happen in our lives this year. He also asked me about effective appetite suppressants because he is desperate to lose weight and fast. Since I do know of any, I just suggested that he try exercising though I doubt if he’ll heed that advice since he is a wee bit lazy just like me. Hahaha!

I hope to catch up with him very soon. I am very excited about the latest happening in his life. It calls for a big celebration and I’ve already asked him about the gift the he wants to receive from me to honor that event. Yeah, I am going shopping again! Yay!


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