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>> Thursday, January 20, 2011

I may be a bit shy to admit it and I usually make fun of my husband’s tendency to give in to sales and being a packrat but the truth is, I am a hoarder myself. Worse, I resort to shopping to make me feel better whenever I am distressed or anxious.

But the good news is that I am on rehab and this year, I vow to prioritize my spending. Instead of shopping for things, I intend to allot a good amount of my earnings for more family travels.

A nice article I read recently says that things can never take the place of experiences. It further explains that people who spend money on experiences are happier compared to those who spend money on material possessions. The reasons being:

  • Shared and common experiences draw people together – friends and family. Last December, my family and I were privileged to travel for the first time with a brother and an aunt in-law and true enough, our shared experiences during the trip have drawn us closer to each other. Last May, my daughter and I also travelled with two close friends and their families and visited a nature park plus a beach. The accommodation may not be as posh as those Villas in Puerto Pollensa that I was reading about but we had so much fun and we already made plans of our future travel with them this year. 
  • The initial excitement brought about by newly purchased things fades over time, say 6 to 8 weeks. As a shopaholic, trust me, this one is oh-so-true. Some things that I bought just because I was not feeling OK are now gathering dusts or forgotten altogether.
  • People feel a great sense of fulfillment during the experience. Memories are happily relieved even months (or years) after the trip took place.
Though our plans for this year just include local destinations, we also hope to afford a trip abroad in the years to come. It would be nice to experience visiting some Asian countries first and then experience Europe too. Now that my husband has overcome his water averseness,  we can try those famous beaches in Spain and enjoy a stay at some nice Villas in Alcudia.

My husband and I agree though that what will make any of our trips (whether local or international) more exciting and memorable  is when we’ll have our travel buddies with us.


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