Things We do When it’s Cold

>> Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What do you do when it’s cold and your body refuses to do anything productive and your mind does not like working? One friend says he surfs the Net mindlessly or tries his luck at Online casinos. Another friend likes to curl up and snuggle with her cat while a close friend prefers feasting on his comfort foods.

As for me, I sleep. I am taking advantage of this cold spell to catch up on my much-needed sleep. December was one busy and hectic month that I missed many sleeping hours. There are days when I missed breakfast upon coming home from my daughter’s school. It’s all because the bed looks and feels more inviting because of the cold weather. I also do some reading since books have piled up. I bought many titles since October last year and many of them I have not read yet.

Whatever keeps you busy during this cold weather, just remember to stay warm and healthy to prevent unnecessary discomforts brought about by illnesses caused by the cold temperature.


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