Staying in Villas in Greece, a Better Option

>> Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One of the many things that I look forward to for this year is the opportunity to travel. As early as last week, we are already booked trip by summer. I already have activities in mind, that I wish to engage into during that trip - mostly visits to places like some beaches and mountains, that I have not visited yet. My friends and I have already been planning lunch dates and night out but also trips with our kids and whole family in tow. The planned outing will be three months from now but hoping to prepare for the trip as early as this week, we have been searching online for beaches in the areas which are not only clean and accessible but also have cottages for rent which are cozy and affordable.

Speaking of travels, for now, my husband and I are saving up for scheduled trips around the country and see how beautiful our Motherland is. In the future, however, we hope to visit other countries, learn about their culture, meet their people and have a taste of their food. Someday, we hope to fly to Europe. From what I learned, staying in villas in Greece is a wise and good option. It is more affordable compared to staying in posh hotels. We can use the money on sight-seeing and food-tripping instead. To fully maximize our budget for travel, a blogger that promotes frugal and simple lifestyle has recommended allotting  more budget on those abovementioned activities that let us experience new and wonderful activities rather than spending on expensive accommodations.

Aside from being fun, going to places we have not visited yet affords us learning and realizations we can’t possibly have unless we visit the new and the unfamiliar. Experience indeed, is the best teacher. Traveling widens our horizons and understanding and for me that is good.


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