Pros and Cons of Breast Augmentation

>> Thursday, January 20, 2011

One of the most common surgeries performed these days is breast augmentation. In fact, in USA alone, almost 300,000 breast implants were performed last year. Generally, breast augmentation procedures are safe. However, a patient who is thinking of undergoing the said procedure must weigh the pros and cons of the surgery before going through it.


  • Breast implants can somehow affect one’s self-esteem. Because many women feel unsatisfied with how their breasts look, many preferred to undergo cosmetic surgery to improve it and eventually feel satisfaction over the result. Also, being more attractive to the opposite sex is a plus.
  • Women who underwent breast augmentation also reported increase in self-confidence. For them, the improvement of their physical appearance helped them become more confident in dealing with people and performing different tasks.


  • It is said that breast implants are not the best way to increase one's self-confidence. Some women still feel inferior and shy even after having augmentation procedure done on them. Most likely, their problem does not lie on their physical appearance. That is why it is important that a patient undergoes psychological tests prior to the procedure to find out if she is at the right state of mind and is prepared.
  • Another cons is the possibility of capsular contraction. It is the the hardening of the implant, infection, scarring and other malformations
Anyone considering breast augmentation must consult their doctors first and conduct a thorough research prior to the procedure. This is to make sure that she is armed with the right knowledge on the probability and implications of such a delicate procedure.


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