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>> Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Back at the academe, one of our tasks was to prepare our graduating students for the life that awaits them outside of the university. One program that help us do that is their occupational preparation seminar. During the session, speakers are invited to discuss the crucial phase of looking and applying for a job. However, other than preparing our graduates for employment, we also encourage them to create employment by starting a business. Those with innate  skills and talents are encouraged to use them along with what they learned at the university to create a better life for themselves and in the process, help others too.

Last week, one of our graduates shared with me how helpful she finds our program.  Apparently, it sparked in her an interest to start a printing business, which was non-existent at her hometown. People still had to travel for an hour to the city for their printing needs, even if they are just looking for cheap flyer printing. Her business is not only providing service but also created jobs for her fellowmen. In the years to come, she hopes to expand and also offer online printing services too.

Speaking of printing companies, I came across with one and what's admirable about tthem is that they are going the extra mile by going green. This green printing company, ConquestGraphics.com, offers quality printed products to their clients while helping save the environment through recycling, practicing energy conservation, promoting clean manufacturing and taking advantage of digital printing. Many companies should follow suit and be responsible businesses.


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