Nursing Scrubs as Gifts

>> Sunday, January 9, 2011

Most of my active student leaders who graduated two years ago and last year are now practicing their professions. I was privileged to see them during the holidays and spend some time with them. It sure was fun being updated not only about their work but also about their future plans and dreams.

Since it was the holiday season, I felt that giving them gifts which they can really use is a good idea. Thus, I asked for their sizes prior to our meet up and bought them stylish nursing scrubs. And true enough, they were all delighted when they opened their gifts and found new nurse uniforms inside.

Nursing Scrubs
Apparently, they have been looking for affordable scrub clothing now that they are working. I told them about Blue Sky Scrubs – an online store that makes available fashionable and stylish m

edical scrubs, designer nursing uniforms and even surgical scrub hats. They have checked out the site and were pretty much impressed with the varied designs that they saw there. They have placed their orders and can’t wait for their new uniforms to arrive.


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