How to Remove Unwanted Body Hair

>> Thursday, January 20, 2011

One of the most anticipated seasons here in our country is just around the corner. Summer means time to rest, travel and bond with one’s family as most kids are taking a break from school. Many also have scheduled trips to the beach since most often, the heat can become so unbearable. As early as now, many have booked flights to famous beach destinations in the country. Some are also busy with their beach attire shopping. However, let us not forget about those unwanted body hair. You do not want to be strutting around the beach as a hairy-legged gal in a designer bikini, right?

Well there are three ways to remove those unwanted hair.

First is by shaving. This is the most cost-effective way of removing unwanted body hair. However, shaving often leads to skin irritations, cuts and worse, ingrown hairs. Razors also make hair thicker and encourage further hair growth. With shaving, after-shave smoothness is does not last long.

Second is to through laser removal which is quite expensive. Some side effects include hyperpigmentation, burns, infection, blisters and allergic reaction.

Lastly, there is waxing. This is way cheaper than laser removal. It lasts much longer compared to shaving and it can be done at home. A word of caution here though. If you are not skilled enough to perform waxing, you better go to a spa for a professional to do it. Professionals who perform Urbana Waxing assures you of a pain-free, comfortable and precise waxing experience so it is best to avail of their services and avoid injuries and unnecessary worries.


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