The Future of Barbie?

>> Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I came across this photo this afternoon and it made me remember why I need to exercise daily: 
Scary but this will be my future if I won’t go back to my exercise routine very soon. I have been loading my body with lots of carbohydrates and what-have-yous, more than what I needed daily. Most of you are aware that I live a sedentary lifestyle. Like Barbie, I spend most of my day on bed, with my laptop – blogging, socializing, chatting and playing Zuma Blitz. I remember that I was even invited to play Internet casino but it was never my forte so I had to refuse. Truly, there are so many things that one can get busy with online.

Yes, I should be exercising very soon, not just my fingers but the other parts of my body as well. And I must choose to exercise whether I feel like doing it or not.


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