A Feat!

>> Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good morning world! It’s the first Tuesday of the year and I am feeling good (though I am still lacking sleep but what’s new? Haha!)! I was able to do a bit of blogging last night since I have a deadline to beat today. Again, what’s new? Hahaha!

However, one thing that I wish to do today is to accompany a friend who just relocated in some of his errands. Though I am not that familiar with Angeles City, I know I can already find my way around the place. Being not good at directions and locations (it will take me some time to be a good driver in the future), this is one big accomplishment for me. I now know that the best PUJ stop going home is by the gasoline station with a big weeping willow tree adjacent to it. I also know how to get to the big malls fast without getting lost! And that’s quite a feat for someone like me who is overly dependent on others when it comes to going into places.

Well, I am rushing some blog posts now. Hopefully, I will be done in an hour or so and rush to back to the next city and meet my friend. We need to visit some government agencies for his employment requirements.

Have a great Tuesday, y’all!


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