Blogging Mojo is Back!

>> Thursday, January 20, 2011

Isn’t it obvious? Hahaha!

It certainly took me quite some time but I think I am getting the hang of blogging again. During our Christmas trip, I did not write any post and after our Christmas trip, I found it tough to get my blogging groove back.

I declared Monday of last week as my official first day of work however, I was not able to accomplish much. Like many other things in life, missing blogging mojo is one issue that should never be forced. That I have learned after some years of blogging. So I did what I can and spent most of my time reading.

This week, obviously, I am back on the loop. I have been blogging like there’s no tomorrow. Thanks to the tasks that keep coming my way. Besides one thing has not changed yet: I WORK BEST UNDER PRESSURE. Thus, the deadlines has been keeping me occupied with work since yesterday. ;) Moreover, the weekend is fast approaching and I do not want to work when everyone’s having fun!


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