>> Thursday, January 27, 2011

Message from God On this day, God wants you to know

... that sometimes there are storms, and sometimes there is sunshine. But through all of the seasons of life, God is with you. Whether you are rejoicing or fighting back tears, God wants to share the moment with you. Allow that to happen, give thanks in the good times, ask for help in the difficult times. Take a minute right now and tell God what's on your mind.

This is a good reminder for me that whatever it is that’s taking place in my life, it’s just a season – it will pass. Moreover, this season is a preparation for yet another season.

What’s comforts me is the knowledge that God is with me all the way. The seasons of my life may be changing but my God does not and will never be.


Zuma Blitz No More

>> Wednesday, January 26, 2011

For my friend, that is.

Like what I have mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I am into one Facebook game again and that Zuma Blitz. One friend who is equally addicted to Casinos online tried playing it two nights ago. He got hooked that he stayed up all night long and ignored his other games (and work assignments!) just to play Zuma Blitz. It is not healthy, he said. Haha!

And I agree with him. It can be a total waste of time but I just play it in when I need a break from blogging. Or chatting. Haha! My friend said he had enough of Zuma Blitz and will now go back to his regular online games.


Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Not the best days but still, I got the best blessings.

Here we go:

  1. According to my husband: I don’t go hungry, I have a place to call “home” and my throat is better.
  2. The high scores that my daughter got during the recently concluded periodical exams.
  3. Facebook, Twitter and YM.

  4. New shirt and dress.

  5. Close friends with whom I spent the day with yesterday.

  6. Cadbury and Hershey’s Kisses.

  7. Philip Yancey’s books.

Happy Thoughts


The Future of Barbie?

I came across this photo this afternoon and it made me remember why I need to exercise daily: 
Scary but this will be my future if I won’t go back to my exercise routine very soon. I have been loading my body with lots of carbohydrates and what-have-yous, more than what I needed daily. Most of you are aware that I live a sedentary lifestyle. Like Barbie, I spend most of my day on bed, with my laptop – blogging, socializing, chatting and playing Zuma Blitz. I remember that I was even invited to play Internet casino but it was never my forte so I had to refuse. Truly, there are so many things that one can get busy with online.

Yes, I should be exercising very soon, not just my fingers but the other parts of my body as well. And I must choose to exercise whether I feel like doing it or not.


His Birthday Wish

Someone close to my heart will be celebrating his birthday next month. And since I do not like giving gifts which the recipient will find useless, I went straight ahead and asked him what he wants as present. It took him a while to give me reply but finally, he said that he needs a new rifle scope. Clueless to what that is, I did a research and found out that it is a thingamajig used by shooters. Though it’s way out of my league and since I’ve asked, I am more than happy to give him that present just because it’s his birthday! Now, I am off to find a good store to buy him one and have it wrapped too.


A Profitable and Environment-Friendly Business

>> Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Back at the academe, one of our tasks was to prepare our graduating students for the life that awaits them outside of the university. One program that help us do that is their occupational preparation seminar. During the session, speakers are invited to discuss the crucial phase of looking and applying for a job. However, other than preparing our graduates for employment, we also encourage them to create employment by starting a business. Those with innate  skills and talents are encouraged to use them along with what they learned at the university to create a better life for themselves and in the process, help others too.

Last week, one of our graduates shared with me how helpful she finds our program.  Apparently, it sparked in her an interest to start a printing business, which was non-existent at her hometown. People still had to travel for an hour to the city for their printing needs, even if they are just looking for cheap flyer printing. Her business is not only providing service but also created jobs for her fellowmen. In the years to come, she hopes to expand and also offer online printing services too.

Speaking of printing companies, I came across with one and what's admirable about tthem is that they are going the extra mile by going green. This green printing company,, offers quality printed products to their clients while helping save the environment through recycling, practicing energy conservation, promoting clean manufacturing and taking advantage of digital printing. Many companies should follow suit and be responsible businesses.


Doing my Part in Conserving Energy

>> Monday, January 24, 2011

This could have been a perfect print on the t-shirt I’ve worn today:


Richmond Jewelry Store

>> Sunday, January 23, 2011

A creative Filipino chef, Angelito Araneta, Jr., came up with the most expensive sushi on earth. The five pieces of sushi cost $1,996 and are garnished with a .20-carat African diamonds and wrapped with 24-karat gold leaves. According to him, these are perfect as presents in marriage proposals or during courtship.

I shared this interesting piece of news with a friend during a chat last week and we both agree, if it’s us, we prefer receiving Richmond Diamond Engagement Rings instead of the expensive sushi. It is practical and yes, we get to keep and wear them. We can even pass them on to the next generations. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for the sushi. We stumbled upon Richmond Jewelry Store some weeks back and we were very much impressed with their collection. Their collection are truly impressive and breath-taking. Investing on their timeless and stylish jewelry pieces and watches is truly a good and wise decision.


Protecting Your Patio Furniture

One brilliant Chinese artist came up with a very unique creation last year. His masterpiece? A very impressive replica of the 155 mhp BMW z4 made of carved cemented bricks. It took its creator, Dai Geng, one whole year to finish his piece of art. Everything in his creation is made of brick, except for the windows which are made of glass. The car was put on display last year at Shenzheng City. Anyone who wishes to adorn his or her patio with this one-of-a-kind ornament can have it for $125,000 which is way expensive compared to the real thing. One must also invest on a reliable Outdoor Furniture Covers to protect such luxurious investment.

Speaking of

Patio Furniture Covers, is your store of choice when it comes to durable outdoor furniture covers. All patio furniture covers that they sell are made of materials that assures you of ultimate protection of your furniture against the elements, molds and mildew. There are lots of sizes and styles to choose from. Finding the right cover size is not a problem anymore. A feature of their online store gives you an accurate size just being providing the necessary data. Finding your perfect patio furniture cover is now a breeze, thanks to


And There Goes Our Weekend

We just arrived from church and unlike our other Sundays, we went home afterward. The Husband has to leave for a training this afternoon so it is necessary that we go home before lunch time.

I feel robbed of my weekend because:

  1. I was feeling ill for several days now, preventing me from spending time with my family.
  2. The Husband’s need to leave earlier than usual.
Hopefully, we can make it up this coming week. But just the same, I am grateful for the time that we had together this weekend.


Zuma Blitz

I stopped playing games on Facebook many, many months ago. Initially, I gave up Farm Town and eventually, Bejewelled Blitz – the only games on Facebook that have kept me busy for quite a while. I did try Farmville but I did not find it enjoyable. My loyalty belonged to Farm Town.

Zuma Blitz on Facebook
Anyway, some nights ago, Kaje mentioned playing Zuma Blitz on Facebook. It got me curious, of course! Zuma was, at some point in my life, a favorite game too! Now I am torn between being impressed with their ingenious idea of making a new game out of two old ones and being annoyed on their lack of creativity for coming up with a completely new game.

But just the same, I am still quite amused by the game and yeah, I am spending quite a lot of time playing it. ;)


A Fifty-Dollar Haircut on a Fifty-Cent Head

>> Saturday, January 22, 2011

According to Garrison Keillor, “Beauty isn't worth thinking about; what's important is your mind. You don't want a fifty-dollar haircut on a fifty-cent head.”

He only brings home something that we already know – wisdom is far more important than physical beauty and vanity. We should make it a priority to invest on knowledge and gain wisdom over spending on what can be seen by the naked eyes.

But then, isn’t it nice to gain knowledge about beauty? It is possible with the help of Regency Beauty Institute. It is one of the premier providers of beauty education in the US. It’s graduates are in demand all throughout the United States, thanks to their intense training and quality education courtesy of Regency.

Beauty, indeed, isn’t that useless. Learn it and make a living out of it.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 10217 North Metro Parkway West – Phoenix, AZ 85051


Pros and Cons of Breast Augmentation

>> Thursday, January 20, 2011

One of the most common surgeries performed these days is breast augmentation. In fact, in USA alone, almost 300,000 breast implants were performed last year. Generally, breast augmentation procedures are safe. However, a patient who is thinking of undergoing the said procedure must weigh the pros and cons of the surgery before going through it.


  • Breast implants can somehow affect one’s self-esteem. Because many women feel unsatisfied with how their breasts look, many preferred to undergo cosmetic surgery to improve it and eventually feel satisfaction over the result. Also, being more attractive to the opposite sex is a plus.
  • Women who underwent breast augmentation also reported increase in self-confidence. For them, the improvement of their physical appearance helped them become more confident in dealing with people and performing different tasks.


  • It is said that breast implants are not the best way to increase one's self-confidence. Some women still feel inferior and shy even after having augmentation procedure done on them. Most likely, their problem does not lie on their physical appearance. That is why it is important that a patient undergoes psychological tests prior to the procedure to find out if she is at the right state of mind and is prepared.
  • Another cons is the possibility of capsular contraction. It is the the hardening of the implant, infection, scarring and other malformations
Anyone considering breast augmentation must consult their doctors first and conduct a thorough research prior to the procedure. This is to make sure that she is armed with the right knowledge on the probability and implications of such a delicate procedure.


Blogging Mojo is Back!

Isn’t it obvious? Hahaha!

It certainly took me quite some time but I think I am getting the hang of blogging again. During our Christmas trip, I did not write any post and after our Christmas trip, I found it tough to get my blogging groove back.

I declared Monday of last week as my official first day of work however, I was not able to accomplish much. Like many other things in life, missing blogging mojo is one issue that should never be forced. That I have learned after some years of blogging. So I did what I can and spent most of my time reading.

This week, obviously, I am back on the loop. I have been blogging like there’s no tomorrow. Thanks to the tasks that keep coming my way. Besides one thing has not changed yet: I WORK BEST UNDER PRESSURE. Thus, the deadlines has been keeping me occupied with work since yesterday. ;) Moreover, the weekend is fast approaching and I do not want to work when everyone’s having fun!


How to Remove Unwanted Body Hair

One of the most anticipated seasons here in our country is just around the corner. Summer means time to rest, travel and bond with one’s family as most kids are taking a break from school. Many also have scheduled trips to the beach since most often, the heat can become so unbearable. As early as now, many have booked flights to famous beach destinations in the country. Some are also busy with their beach attire shopping. However, let us not forget about those unwanted body hair. You do not want to be strutting around the beach as a hairy-legged gal in a designer bikini, right?

Well there are three ways to remove those unwanted hair.

First is by shaving. This is the most cost-effective way of removing unwanted body hair. However, shaving often leads to skin irritations, cuts and worse, ingrown hairs. Razors also make hair thicker and encourage further hair growth. With shaving, after-shave smoothness is does not last long.

Second is to through laser removal which is quite expensive. Some side effects include hyperpigmentation, burns, infection, blisters and allergic reaction.

Lastly, there is waxing. This is way cheaper than laser removal. It lasts much longer compared to shaving and it can be done at home. A word of caution here though. If you are not skilled enough to perform waxing, you better go to a spa for a professional to do it. Professionals who perform Urbana Waxing assures you of a pain-free, comfortable and precise waxing experience so it is best to avail of their services and avoid injuries and unnecessary worries.


Travel or Things?

I may be a bit shy to admit it and I usually make fun of my husband’s tendency to give in to sales and being a packrat but the truth is, I am a hoarder myself. Worse, I resort to shopping to make me feel better whenever I am distressed or anxious.

But the good news is that I am on rehab and this year, I vow to prioritize my spending. Instead of shopping for things, I intend to allot a good amount of my earnings for more family travels.

A nice article I read recently says that things can never take the place of experiences. It further explains that people who spend money on experiences are happier compared to those who spend money on material possessions. The reasons being:

  • Shared and common experiences draw people together – friends and family. Last December, my family and I were privileged to travel for the first time with a brother and an aunt in-law and true enough, our shared experiences during the trip have drawn us closer to each other. Last May, my daughter and I also travelled with two close friends and their families and visited a nature park plus a beach. The accommodation may not be as posh as those Villas in Puerto Pollensa that I was reading about but we had so much fun and we already made plans of our future travel with them this year. 
  • The initial excitement brought about by newly purchased things fades over time, say 6 to 8 weeks. As a shopaholic, trust me, this one is oh-so-true. Some things that I bought just because I was not feeling OK are now gathering dusts or forgotten altogether.
  • People feel a great sense of fulfillment during the experience. Memories are happily relieved even months (or years) after the trip took place.
Though our plans for this year just include local destinations, we also hope to afford a trip abroad in the years to come. It would be nice to experience visiting some Asian countries first and then experience Europe too. Now that my husband has overcome his water averseness,  we can try those famous beaches in Spain and enjoy a stay at some nice Villas in Alcudia.

My husband and I agree though that what will make any of our trips (whether local or international) more exciting and memorable  is when we’ll have our travel buddies with us.


To Ride or Not

>> Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The 2011 Clark, Philippines Hot Air Balloon Festival/Air will soon take place at Clarkfield, Pampanga. The tentative schedule says that it will be held from February 10 to 13, 2011. My family and some of my close friends are looking forward to witnessing this event as it will be a first time for all of us. Initially, I wanted to experience riding a hot air balloon but upon learning how much it costs, I now have second thoughts.

It is not as affordable as the cheap auto insurance quotes email that came along with the email that a friend sent me, informing me about the price of one hot air balloon ride. I am pretty sure that my daughter will enjoy a ride but I do not think the price is reasonable since it costs as much as two roundtrip tickets to some of local destinations. Or a decent digital camera. Or six pairs of very nice shoes.


Victoria Who?

Victoria Beckham Early today, one friend at Twitter commented that she has been out of the loop for a long time that she is not aware of Victoria Beckham’s pregnancy. I did reply saying, “What do you make of me who is clueless on who this Victoria Beckham person is?!” That surely made my friends laugh! But they provided information saying that she was a member of the all-female group called Spice Girls and married to football star named David Beckham.

From what I learned, David and Victoria they have three sons and yet she still looks fabulous. I do not know how she does it. Maybe with the help of

l carnitine fumarate

perhaps? I do not know. But one thing is for sure though: a mom can still look awesome and great despite her age and the number of kids that she has.


Pretty Please?
I found this image at imgfave last night and it totally cracked me up! My friends and I were discussing the different strategies they use to ask for favors from our spouses and one of us shared a strategy similar to the photo.

I admit, I do this too sometimes. Not only to request for something from the Husband but from some close friends as well. Sometimes the tactic works. Sometimes not. Well, that’s the life! Hahaha!


What is Hair Waxing?

“The hair is the richest ornament of women.” ~

Martin Luther

Indeed this is true when we talk about our lovely mane that covers our head. However, many of us spend time and fortune just to get rid of hair in my other parts of our body where it also grows. Some of us resort to plucking while experts recommend that waxing is a better option. Aside from being cost-effective and convenient, waxing is also considered longer-lasting and the quick method of removing unwanted body hair. With waxing, hair growth happens at least 3-6 since hair is directly removed from the roots.

Commonly, waxing is done to remove hair from virtually any part of the body – arms, legs, underarms and even bikini line. Removal of hair on chest and back and facial hair on upper lips, eyebrows, lips and chin can also be done through waxing.

Waxing can be conveniently done at home. However, waxing on sensitive parts of the body, like Bikini Wax for example, should only be done by trained and qualified professionals so as to prevent injury. Experts advise first timers to have their first wax performed by a professional so as to observe the waxing procedure and learn how it is done safely.


A Seasoned Cook and Baker

Last year, we were fortunate to meet some long lost relatives who relocated to another city some decades ago. It is amazing to make connections with them and realize that our Aunt Rose who was with us during our visit shares the same passion for cooking and baking with our Grandma Liling. They immediately hit it off, so to speak. 

Grandma took out her aged notebook of recipes and shared it with Aunt Rose. They exchanged tips and she even had some of her handwritten recipes photocopied for Aunt Rose. She also showed to us her small kitchen with impressive kitchen equipment. Sure, they are old but have definitely served her well through the years. Come lunch time, we enjoyed a delectable feast prepared by Grandma and certainly, we were all full!

Another highlight of our one-day visit was the tasting of Grandma’s fruit cakes aged 5 years, 1 year and 1 month. Truly, her fruit cakes are the best tasting fruit cakes ever! Even my companions agreed. Grandma was planning to bake new batches of fruit cakes that week and she showed to us some of her ingredients. Too bad, our visit was short that we missed the chance to see how that scrumptious dessert is made. However, Grandma is kind enough to share her recipe with Aunt Rose and once the her ordered ingredients arrive, we will help her bake our first ever fruit cake.


Wasting Time

I was hoping to be a bit productive last night and do some blogging and reading before I hit the sack. However, I chanced upon my best friend who was online on Facebook chat and what do you know, we talked and talked until midnight! I do not mind “wasting” time with friends though because after all, they are MY FRIENDS.

Anyway, I haven’t had a good, long talk with my best friend for a long time. December is our birth month but being a busy period for both of us, we did not have a chance to meet. Thus, last night, we agreed to hold a belated birthday celebration before this month ends.  We also talked about gadgets and books and the major changes that we hope to happen in our lives this year. He also asked me about effective appetite suppressants because he is desperate to lose weight and fast. Since I do know of any, I just suggested that he try exercising though I doubt if he’ll heed that advice since he is a wee bit lazy just like me. Hahaha!

I hope to catch up with him very soon. I am very excited about the latest happening in his life. It calls for a big celebration and I’ve already asked him about the gift the he wants to receive from me to honor that event. Yeah, I am going shopping again! Yay!


The Master Fixer

>> Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Message from God

On this day, God wants you to know

... that God can fix anything. Have you ever witnessed a skilled craftsman going into an old broken down home and restoring it into something fabulous? God is the master of restoration, taking the broken and damaged and making them beautiful. Are there some things in your life that could use a little work?Allow yourself to be God's next fixer upper project.

He is indeed, a Master Fixer. For many countless times, I have witnessed and experienced firsthand how He manages to make broken people and lives whole and beautiful again.


What Could Have Been Causing It?

I do not know if it is the change in vitamin supplement, diet, weather or the hormones but I have been suffering from horrible breakouts. Just this weekend, we visited a store and I resorted back to my old vitamin supplement though it is a bit pricey compared to my last one. There were also some organic acne products that I hope to try when the one that I am using right now does not work.

I really like shopping at that store because of the many organic health products they offer. However, they are more expensive compared to their counterparts which are available at the grocery and beauty stores so I have to think twice or even thrice prior to buying them.


Staying in Villas in Greece, a Better Option

One of the many things that I look forward to for this year is the opportunity to travel. As early as last week, we are already booked trip by summer. I already have activities in mind, that I wish to engage into during that trip - mostly visits to places like some beaches and mountains, that I have not visited yet. My friends and I have already been planning lunch dates and night out but also trips with our kids and whole family in tow. The planned outing will be three months from now but hoping to prepare for the trip as early as this week, we have been searching online for beaches in the areas which are not only clean and accessible but also have cottages for rent which are cozy and affordable.

Speaking of travels, for now, my husband and I are saving up for scheduled trips around the country and see how beautiful our Motherland is. In the future, however, we hope to visit other countries, learn about their culture, meet their people and have a taste of their food. Someday, we hope to fly to Europe. From what I learned, staying in villas in Greece is a wise and good option. It is more affordable compared to staying in posh hotels. We can use the money on sight-seeing and food-tripping instead. To fully maximize our budget for travel, a blogger that promotes frugal and simple lifestyle has recommended allotting  more budget on those abovementioned activities that let us experience new and wonderful activities rather than spending on expensive accommodations.

Aside from being fun, going to places we have not visited yet affords us learning and realizations we can’t possibly have unless we visit the new and the unfamiliar. Experience indeed, is the best teacher. Traveling widens our horizons and understanding and for me that is good.


Friday Fill-Ins 2011-02

>> Friday, January 14, 2011

Isn’t it nice to have friends who reminds of you important (and not-so important things) in life like Friday Fill-Ins? Thanks, NiƱa we go!

1. Right now I need my good old blogging mojo.
2. As always, water is what's in my glass.
3. A copy of this letter will be thrown in the garbage. LOL
4. Ice cream is best with a spoon.
5. The best movie I've seen lately is Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.
6. It’s you I like; it’s you I love.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to bonding with my Twitter girls (and hopefully do some blogging too!), tomorrow my plans include bringing the girl to school (it’s her last day of exams) with the Husband and a breakfast date with him + a movie date with the two of them in the afternoon and Sunday, I want to just enjoy the weekend here at home!

Join here:



Things We do When it’s Cold

>> Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What do you do when it’s cold and your body refuses to do anything productive and your mind does not like working? One friend says he surfs the Net mindlessly or tries his luck at Online casinos. Another friend likes to curl up and snuggle with her cat while a close friend prefers feasting on his comfort foods.

As for me, I sleep. I am taking advantage of this cold spell to catch up on my much-needed sleep. December was one busy and hectic month that I missed many sleeping hours. There are days when I missed breakfast upon coming home from my daughter’s school. It’s all because the bed looks and feels more inviting because of the cold weather. I also do some reading since books have piled up. I bought many titles since October last year and many of them I have not read yet.

Whatever keeps you busy during this cold weather, just remember to stay warm and healthy to prevent unnecessary discomforts brought about by illnesses caused by the cold temperature.


The Birthday that Was

>> Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Last year, I turned thirty-something and for a change, I opted for a simpler yet more meaningful celebration. Prior to my birth day is the birth day of a godson/ nephew/ housemate. We were supposed to have an ice cream and spaghetti party but since most of us were suffering from sniffles and flu that week, we had to forego the ice cream. Instead, Ma prepared for us her sumptuous spaghetti.

On my actual birth day, which was a workday, my husband filed a leave of absence from work to be with us.

For breakfast, I had these:

Wheat bread, fried eggs and corned beef with potatoes prepared by moi, of course! And my breakfast buddies:
After breakfast, we prepared for a date at the Marquee Mall. We bought the girl her gift – a PlayDoh work station (using her Ninong Jeff’s gift) and had it wrapped.

Since we have not decided where to eat for lunch prior to our trip there, we had to check out the list of restaurants. But the Husband and I could not decide where to eat so we asked our daughter to chose instead. She picked Max’s which is a safe choice. Hahaha!

Some snapshots:

We had kare-kare, crispy pata and their dessert sampler which we finished in no time. Afterward, the Husband indulged me into some shopping. New birthstone jewelry, make up, lingerie and a pair of shoes were among my loots.

To cap the day, we watched

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. My husband and I enjoyed it though our little girl got a bit scared!

We went home very tired but we still had to pack our things for a trip back to our first home the following day. However, I felt so grateful and happy for the day that was. It was not the usual celebration that I normally have in the past but hey, I had a blast!

Until next year! :)


Do You Want to Win a Starbucks 2011 Planner?

>> Monday, January 10, 2011

In gratitude to her friends and readers, my “pardner”, Litzie, is holding a contest at her blog and up for grabs is an lg lcd, oops, I mean two Starbucks Planners, one metal and the other one, wood.

Starbucks Planners
Just visit her blog (by clicking the photo) and leave a comment. Tweet and blog about the contest to for more chances of winning.

Contest runs until today, January 10 only. Good luck!


Nursing Scrubs as Gifts

>> Sunday, January 9, 2011

Most of my active student leaders who graduated two years ago and last year are now practicing their professions. I was privileged to see them during the holidays and spend some time with them. It sure was fun being updated not only about their work but also about their future plans and dreams.

Since it was the holiday season, I felt that giving them gifts which they can really use is a good idea. Thus, I asked for their sizes prior to our meet up and bought them stylish nursing scrubs. And true enough, they were all delighted when they opened their gifts and found new nurse uniforms inside.

Nursing Scrubs
Apparently, they have been looking for affordable scrub clothing now that they are working. I told them about Blue Sky Scrubs – an online store that makes available fashionable and stylish m

edical scrubs, designer nursing uniforms and even surgical scrub hats. They have checked out the site and were pretty much impressed with the varied designs that they saw there. They have placed their orders and can’t wait for their new uniforms to arrive.


A Feat!

>> Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good morning world! It’s the first Tuesday of the year and I am feeling good (though I am still lacking sleep but what’s new? Haha!)! I was able to do a bit of blogging last night since I have a deadline to beat today. Again, what’s new? Hahaha!

However, one thing that I wish to do today is to accompany a friend who just relocated in some of his errands. Though I am not that familiar with Angeles City, I know I can already find my way around the place. Being not good at directions and locations (it will take me some time to be a good driver in the future), this is one big accomplishment for me. I now know that the best PUJ stop going home is by the gasoline station with a big weeping willow tree adjacent to it. I also know how to get to the big malls fast without getting lost! And that’s quite a feat for someone like me who is overly dependent on others when it comes to going into places.

Well, I am rushing some blog posts now. Hopefully, I will be done in an hour or so and rush to back to the next city and meet my friend. We need to visit some government agencies for his employment requirements.

Have a great Tuesday, y’all!


My Christmas Break 2010 in a Nutshell

>> Monday, January 3, 2011

Look who is sorta back. Yours truly, of course.

I have been offline for more than two weeks because of my much anticipated (and much deserved) Christmas break. I thoroughly enjoyed it though I was a bit under the weather before and after the trip.

We surprised my parents and spent Christmas with them. I was able to get in touch with some relatives, old friends and students (who are now professionals. Yay!) too. I also visited my favorite salon for some hair treatment. I was there last September and it is amazing how the place was transformed with the help of Hinkley lighting which was installed two months ago.

After Christmas, we travelled to Davao where we spent an evening at the beach. A day after that, Auntie Rose and Mark arrived and we had a blast spending time with Ted and some long-lost relatives who are based in Davao. We also toured them to Davao Crocodile Park and Butterfly Farm, Jack’s Ridge and the Tiny Kitchen. It was a privilege to spend some time with my bestest buddies again and meet a new friend as well. We flew back to Manila on the 31st, just in time for the New Year.

Well, that’s my Christmas break in a nutshell. Hopefully, I can share some stories and photos, of course in the next days.

And by the way, happy new year to you and yours!


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