Urbana: The Perfect Escape

>> Thursday, December 16, 2010

Last week, we were invited to an early Christmas party hosted by a friend. It was there that we met a relative of theirs who is an owner of some spa. She shared how she enjoys her business, especially that it challenges her to be more creative and come up with new innovations to remain on top of her competitors. She looks into offering more services and catering to other needs of her clients. She shared that next year, she hopes to offer spa parties for kids and Hollywood Bikini Wax services.

Speaking of the latter, it is one of the services offered by Urbana, one of Dublin’s leading beauty and medical spas. Urbana offers a variety of face and body treatments which are sure to benefit one’s overall well-being. Urbana is proud to be using products and equipment which are of topnotch quality, guaranteeing its clients of superb skin and body care. Aside from that, Urbana is powered with highly trained and certified professionals who are update with the latest skin and body care developments.

A short visit at Urbana.ie will let you know what their offered services are. Moreover, some snapshots of the place is also featured, giving you a glimpse of a perfect escape that is the Urbana.


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