Mandatory Drug Testing for Students

>> Wednesday, December 8, 2010

One of our major undertakings early this year at the university was a random drug screening. It was a mandated by the national government in its renewed effort to combat

campaign against the growing problem caused by the posed by the relentless trade in illegal drugs, especially to the youth of this country.

Initially, it covered elementary, high school and vocational schools nationwide. But eventually, students of colleges and universities like ours was also mandated to to undergo random drug testing when the guidelines were finalized.

Upon receiving the memorandum and guidelines, we immediately formed a committee overlooked the conduct of the drug testing. I was a student affairs practitioner back then and our office was the mandated sector that took charge of the said activity. The committee was composed of our school nurses, our office staff, the director of the Guidance Center, some faculty members and student leaders plus some parents. We conducted various meetings prior to the date of testing to review the guidelines and to make sure that the activity will go smoothly.

During the day of testing, officers from the national line agencies who are in-charge of the said activity. They brought all the necessary drug testing kits and other paraphernalia used in the testing. Only ten randomly selected students were tested as required.

All in all, it was a good experience for us all. However, it would have been better if we were provided with the results. For now, we are assuming that all our tested students were found negative of illegal substance.


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