He is a Better Gift-Giver

>> Monday, December 20, 2010

December is indeed, the most wonderful time of the year for me. Aside from the chance of being with friends and loved ones once more, it is also the time when I can shop without feeling guilty simply because I shop for the persons I love. And as my birth month, I can freely splurge on one particular gift that I give myself as a birthday treat. But more than that, I love that the Husband spoils me with extra affection, attention and nice Gifts for women on that very special day. And I am proud to say that he has been improving on that part of our life – giving of gifts, after many years of being married. He now knows what I prefer and what would make me go “Wow!”. It was rough at the beginning since like all other relationships, it takes knowing and learning to be aware of what the other person prefers and likes.

I remember some years back, when we celebrated one particular wedding anniversary and he gave me a pair of pricey sunglasses. Unfortunately, the design and color did not fit my taste that I had to give it to my brother. I was a bit hurt because it seemed that he did not know me too well to know my preferences and likes. But those were the days. We have learned from the past and have gotten more sensitive on what makes the other happy. Just last night, I found some spa vouchers on top of my side table with a note. It delights me to know that he is so kind and thoughtful enough to give me a much-needed pampering after laboriously shopping for and wrapping Christmas presents for our relatives and friends. I will surely use them next week, after Christmas.


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