Christmas Shopping

>> Thursday, December 2, 2010

It’s the second day of December and I envy some of my friends. They are already done with their Christmas gift shopping and wrapping even before November ended. We did a bit of gift shopping during a meet up with some friends last month but I am still less than halfway my list.

Last week, when I was feeling down, my husband suggested that I do my Christmas shopping. That is one thing that I admire about my husband. He knows what can cheer me up. So I headed to the mall and bought some gift items. But I had to bear in mind what he told me some weeks ago: the gifts should not be bulky and heavy since we will be bringing them with us during our trip back to our first home where our recipients live. It’s a good thing that the malls that I frequent have sections that have Christmas gift ideas that fit his requirement. I was able to buy some items and tick some names on my list. Since we will also be attending a debut party after Christmas, I also bought some 18th birthday gifts for our friend’s sister.

I surely hope she will like them!

My husband said that she will definitely do when he saw what I bought.

Speaking of my husband, since he has enough shirts, belts, handkerchiefs and belts, a friend of mine suggested that I try giving him gadgets this year. So for our anniversary, I gave him an iPod Touch. And for Christmas, I am planning to give him this:

iPod Equalizer
An iPod Equalizer Sound Bar which is not only stylish and of good quality set of speakers but can also be used as his iPod’s recharger. He will certainly love this and I will too, since he won’t be bugging me about charging his iPod through my laptop once he got this.


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