Urbana Laser Hair Removal

>> Friday, November 19, 2010

I was talking with a friend last night and she shared with me her recent Urbana Laser Hair Removal experience. According to her, it was her first time to undergo such a procedure and she is very satisfied with the outcome. Moreover, she is very much impressed at how friendly and warm the atmosphere was at Urbana. Their staff are also professional, very friendly and accommodating.

Aside from the superb ambiance and skilled staff, Urbana is also equipped with the latest technology used in laser hair removal – the Soprano XL 810nm Diode Lasers which is FDA approved. With this technology, my friend and all other Urbana clients are assured of a lasting laser treatment and permanent reduction in the amount of hair growth. And since skin types vary, Urbana assures it clients that their technology is safe and capable of treating all skin types.

A trip to Urbana is what I badly need. I think that it would save me much time because I regularly pluck and shave. I can certainly use the time I can save to do more enjoyable activities like bonding with my family. It is good to know that laser hair removal is now available to us as an effective, easy, painless and simple permanent hair reduction solution.


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