Spend Social Time this Holiday Season

>> Saturday, November 27, 2010

Having friends around for the holidays is a beautiful thing. Not only do holidays bring people into closer contact with family, but friendships, sometimes allowed to drift a bit astray, can be tightened up as well. Everyone seems a bit more social towards the end of the year. Maybe looking forward to eggnog and snowflakes does it, maybe it’s the joy in sampling cookies and sharing end of he year catch-up tales which creates the vibe. But however it exists, holiday cheer is spread far and wide. Friends, family, even strangers often seem to perk up a bit as they eagerly chat and listen to other’s stories.

Food comes out in abundance towards the beginning of the winter season, as the massive Thanksgiving Day meal leftovers lead into the same phenomenon at Christmas. Only then, the leftovers revolve around ham, rather than turkey. The vive is similar, although with Christmas, people are filled with slightly mixed emotions. There is both anticipation of ‘What did I get?’ and a tiny bit of apprehension over the thought that someone wouldn’t like what was given. ‘When we were browsing through custom poker tables and he pointed out the one that grabbed his eye, even going so far as to sit down at the table, did I miss out on what he really wanted?’ one might wonder. But all in all, people are generally satisfied to have been remembered during gift-giving seasons, so there’s little need to stress over the gifts in question.

Relax, take a bite of cookie, and stroll around the gathered people. Even surrounded by friends and family, there are often new people to meet. Boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, and even new babies make appearances at this time of the year. Soaking it all in is a better way to bring in the next year, than with a list of resolutions!


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