Scariest of Them All: A Late Halloween Post

>> Friday, November 19, 2010

This may be a late post but then, what’s new? Haha! I am always late. Anyway, last Halloween, my mom was here for a short visit. We brought her to the mall for some serious shopping and while the Husband was busy checking out an xbox which was on sale at one store, I was busy checking this out:
(Pardon the grainy shots by the way. I was using my trusty point-and-shoot camera.) I think it is the scariest costume that I saw that day! He/ She was even stopped by some bystanders for a photo opp.

And then they descended to the first floor of the mall:
Where he/ she made many heads turn:
I do not know though if he/ she won the Halloween costume contest but his/ her ingenuity surely is remarkable (and not to mention scary!)


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