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>> Saturday, November 27, 2010

These are days when everyone must save to survive. Unless you are doing a good deal of personal finance planning, the recession might simply catch and gobble you up. Gone are the days when Americans used to spend thousands of dollars with their credit cards and still get away with it. Those were the days when a little extravagance was okay, because you knew you had your next big, fat paycheck coming to salvage you from debt. However, these days are not like those, and Americans have learned that lesson hard. So, we are doing a lot of personal finance planning, and doing what we can to stay out of water.

When all else is gone, one little tip that can save you oodles of money in interests is to take out a small payday loan. Reputable companies like will give you a small loan in the middle of the month. No hassles, no huge interest rate, and the loan approval process is easy as a breeze. The loan may be just enough for you to service that mortgage or that car loan, and may keep you adrift a while longer until you get your next paycheck or job.

It is also a good idea to go for an automatic recurring deposit deduction. In this process, you instruct your bank to take out some money from your account on a certain day, and deposit it in some safe place where you cannot reach it too easily. The idea is, while this still lets you withdraw money in an emergency, it still does not easily let you become extravagant and too indulgent. Known as a recurring deposit, this kind of savings does not pay much in interest, but is a sure and easy way of saving up at least some of your hard earned dollars for the gloomy days.


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