A Late Bloomer

>> Saturday, November 6, 2010

One of my mom’s frustrations when I was younger was that I disliked wearing dresses. She would usually buy me floral dresses when I was a little girl but to her dismay, I would refuse wearing them. They would end up being given to some relatives or being donated to charity every December.

I was not a girly girl back then simply because most of my time were spent with boys. I have two younger brothers plus most of my close cousins were boys too. Obviously, dressing up was never my thing when I was younger, even when going to church. So imagine my mother’s joy when I started shopping for and wearing dresses this year. Being a work-at-home mom and wearing jeans to fetch my girl to and fro her school five days a week, I feel that it is but right to somehow dress up during the weekend, especially when we go to church. I did an online search for the latest trends when it comes to dresses and I chanced upon Awear.com where I saw some trendy tea dresses. Their wide collection of gorgeous dresses is very impressive. They have everything from party dresses to simple day dresses. Simply browsing through their collection is a delightful experience.

Just last weekend, my mom was here and she did not let the chance of shopping for dresses for her only daughter to pass. It was indeed an enjoyable shopping time both for her and me!


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