Increase Productivity and Decrease Distractions while Working

>> Saturday, November 27, 2010

One of the best advantages of working from home is that one can take as many breaks as possible without any hesitation. People are realizing now that taking breaks between work increases productivity and helps one concentrate at the job at hand. The old assumption that work needs to be done continuously without any distractions needs to be ignored and the newer and more productive technique should be adopted everywhere.

Before beginning work, you should revise what your next steps would be. This is a very important tip that can dramatically increase productivity and effectiveness. When beginning work, you need to adopt the thirty minute cycle wherein you can alternate between work and break. Do whatever your mind wants you to do. You feel like eating something, go ahead and get it. If you feel like going out and getting fresh air, then go ahead. If you feel like talking to someone, then pull someone out of their work and talk. If you feel like browsing or betting for a change then go to the many sports betting sites and indulge in your favorite past time. The human mind is not meant to stay concentrated on one thing for a long while, it meant to be curious. By following this technique, you can get one hours work done in 30 minutes and an hour's entertainment in 30 minutes. Since your mind knows that a break is just after a few minutes, it will work harder and the incentive to be creative is more. Most organizations do not allow people to follow this technique since they do not believe that a four hour break in an 8 hour day will be lucrative to productivity. But if you work at home, then there is no reason that you cannot adopt this; chances are you are doing it already.


Jef Menguin November 28, 2010 at 3:46 PM  

Thank you for sharing these tips.

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