>> Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Have I told you about my persisting and annoying Internet connection? It has kept me offline for several days! My backup ISP is as unrealizable as well. We are already thinking of upgrading for a better connection hopefully within this week or early next week. My work performance is often times affected by how slow or fast my connection is. It can be so frustrating and my husband now understands me when he used our back up this morning to send an email to his boss. Haha!

Aside from that, I have also been having problems with my laptop. It is unfortunate that I am not a student anymore so I don’t get to enjoy student laptop insurance to cover my laptop repair expenses.  My husband suggests that since the holiday season is approaching and there will be sales, we might as well buy a new unit and have this one repaired too. I can’t decide yet but having a new laptop for work (and play) is an enticing thought, don’t you think? :D


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