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>> Sunday, November 7, 2010

Being asthmatic and allergic to dusts, house cleaning has never been my forte. I would rather wash the dishes or do the laundry or even iron clothes the entire day. During my growing up years at my parents’ house, I had my very own room which of course, I had to keep tidy and clean. Certainly, cleaning it is one of the chores that I detested back then. However, I gave my very best and made it sparkling clean whenever I was scheduled to clean it. I sweep it from top to bottom and made sure that no speck of dust was left even if it makes me sneezy afterwards. I even remove all the window panes and painstakingly clean them one by one, a task that consumed a big portion of my cleaning time.

That is why I am grateful for the glass windows that we have here at our current home. Cleaning them is very easy. I wish I can convince my parents to replace their windows with glass ones. It does not accumulate so much dusts compared to window panes. But it is unfortunate that we do not have a reliable windows replacement company there. Unlike in Denver where a reliable and trusted company has been serving their clients for many years. For replacement windows Denver residents can count on Andersen replacement, a company that makes massive renovations like window replacement an exciting and stress-free job.


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