Baking Supplies as Christmas Gifts

>> Monday, November 22, 2010

Some of my friends and I agreed to have small get together next month to celebrate the season. We had booked the place already and have appointed persons who will take charge of the games. We will also have an exchange gift and we have already picked the names of our respective “babies”.

I find it hard to find a gift for this “baby” since she seems to have everything in life. I was browsing through her Facebook photos yesterday when it hit me: she is into baking and she would definitely love some new baking supplies. In one of her current albums, I saw some delectable and realistic cupcakes that she made for a baby shower of one of our friends. I saw how laboriously she worked on those cupcakes and she even shared that she stayed up all night to finish them all. Well her efforts were rewarded since everyone raved about her creations. In fact, she gained new clients after the said party.

So I started browsing an online store for gift ideas and here is something which is just perfect for a baker like my friend:
A set of Christmas cookie cutters set. Certainly, she will find this set as a good addition to her collection of cookie cutters.


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