A 70’s Dress

>> Saturday, November 6, 2010

I work in a university and one of our most anticipated annual event is our Christmas party. Most often, we follow a theme during those parties and many of us really exert effort and spend for our costume or party dresses. Some years back, the theme was the 70s. I had a hard time looking for a style that fits my taste. Some friends suggested that I go for high waisted jeans but I preferred wearing a nice dress. It’s a party after all and the only time of the year that I get to really dress up. I did a little research and discovered maxi dresses.

I borrowed a friend’s fashion magazines and I searched for a nice maxi dress design. Afterward, I consulted a friend who designs and sews dresses regarding the style, the materials and perfect cloth to buy. I bought everything and she had it sewn for a very short period of time. I felt guilty for cramming but it is a good thing that is indeed a good friend. The party was great and I felt really good wearing that elegant dress that night. Plus the party was enjoyable too! I was reminded of that wonderful experience when I was looking for some womens jeans at awear.com this morning and saw this beauty:



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