Why is Video Marketing Effective?

>> Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Studies reveal that the use of video boosts comprehension and retention by 50% compared to a live presentation. Video marketing is also said to encourage more buyers to purchase a product or pay for a service compared to print. Some studies even suggest that as high as 94% of recipients of  videos marketing passes their copy along to another viewer. Since a video involves more of our senses (sight, sound and even emotion), we are more engaged and thus, more likely to be convinced.

Due to the abovementioned reasons, many video marketing agencies have emerged in the market. But which video marketing agency should you trust? It should be the one that can help you promote your business with a dynamic and optimized marketing video for your website. Think ThinkBIG. They understand that video marketing plays a crucial role in an online marketing campaign.

Many think that video production is costly but it does not have to be. At ThinkBIG, the packages are designed to meet your company’s specific needs, targets and budget. Their packages include Graphic Video Package, Stock Graphic Video Package and Stock Video Package. They even offer Custom Video Packages because some videos require customized video footages.


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