The Weather and Our Cravings

>> Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We are under house arrest, no thanks (or maybe thanks?) to the super typhoon locally named Juan (international name Megi). Yesterday, signal #1 was declared over our province among other provinces in Northern Luzon. We had a cloudy day and occasional downpour but this morning, we woke up to a very bad weather. How bad? The sky is cloudy, it was raining hard and the wind! The wind of this typhoon is one of the meanest I’ve ever experienced in my entire life! From my window, I can see how the sugar canes bend to it. I am hoping though, that it won’t bring down the big trees along the roads.

Aside from making me want to stay in bed, this kind of weather also makes me crave for food! And I am not alone. I was chatting with a friend who lives in the next city and she shared that she needs advice on how to suppress appetite since she is on a diet but the cold weather is not helping. In fact, she even went for a drive to the nearest fast food store to satisfy her cravings. Oh well. The typhoon will be leaving soon and along with it, we hope, are our food cravings.


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