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>> Sunday, October 3, 2010

I was talking with one of my student leaders at the university. She is taking up a computer course and hoping to finish in two years’ time. One of the requirements that she needs to comply with is coming up with a useful computer software. She already did some initial consultations with some offices at the university and she shared with me that this already gave her an idea and inspiration on what computer software to develop. It is not as complex as an income tax preparation software but I know that her fellow university students will benefit from it.

One of my recent online finds is a website that offers professional tax preparation software - This website offers three main package types for professional preparers and individual filers alike. These packages include Ultimate Tax Software Products which are designed specifically for tax professionals. The next one is the Complete Tax System which is a web-based solution for non-traditional tax preparers’ offices. Lastly but definitely not the least, is the Ultimiate 1049 which is perfect for individual filers. At, professional preparers and individual filers alike are assured not only of affordable software package but also reliable customer support.


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