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>> Sunday, October 24, 2010

Finding your dream house plans has never been this easy. Thanks to the Internet and technology, all you need to do is conduct an online search and you will be presented with various websites offering different house designs. One such website is HousePlansandMore.com. It provides seven Home Plan Packages that suits your budget and needs. These Home Plan Packages are:

1-Set Package: This is considered as a study set and not good for construction. You can use this to study your home floor plan in detail.

5-Set Package: Ideal if you are ready with the construction process. The minimum number of blueprint can be used by your multiple subcontractors and trades.

8-Set Package: This package lets you provide blueprints for your mortgage lender, local building department, general contractor and all subcontractors working on the electrical, plumbing, carpentry work, etc. of your dream house. Best results in terms of cost, schedule and quality of construction are attained with the help of this package.

Reproducible Masters: House builders who wish to customize their ordered house plans are allowed to do so with reproducible masters. This package also lets your builder or hired design professional to make the needed drawing alterations without the major expense of redrawing the plans. It also lets you print copies of the modified plans as needed.
Mirror Reverse Sets: With this package, you are provided with house plans which are mirror images of the original drawings which are useful if your house would fit your site better when all the rooms were on the opposite side.

CAD Packages: This package provides you with the complete set of construction sets in an electronic file format which is useful if you intend to make significant amount of changes to you home plan. Modifying your house plan with a CAD package is both time and cost-efficient since a computer software called AutoCAD or DataCAD can be used to modify the design.

PDF File Format: If you are facing time constraint and in need of the house plan in less than 24 hours, this package is for you. The complete set of the house plan can be sent to you within 24 hours during weekdays via email. It cuts the shipping costs and the PDF format lets you resize and reproduce the plans to fit your needs.


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