Virtual Vacations to Feed the Soul

>> Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Traveling is more than a little important. The exposure to the outside world, pulling you dramatically outside of your normal boundaries, is one of the best ways to explore who you are as a person. Of course, you also get to explore the outside world, engaging with new locations, sights, sounds, cultures, thoughts, and histories. Traveling, however, is also not cheap. The solution? Consider a virtual vacation.

So, maybe you can't go to Rome this Summer. But maybe you can get a little bit of Rome to come to you. The idea goes something like this:

Step One: Get books about the location you want to travel to. Make sure that these books are packed with pictures of the location. Get the sort of book you like to read, whatever that happens to be!

Step Two: Arrange for food. If you have enough extra money, buy some food from a restaurant that is themed appropriately for the region you want to visit. If you have the time and enjoy cooking, consider grabbing a few recipes and ingredients.

Step Three: Find the right environment. You can transform your room, your car, a local park, or almost any other location into a virtual vacation environment. Little touches like themed background music, printed pictures, and appropriate lighting can all make you feel like you're really escaping the norm.

Step Four: Set aside a weekend and escape! Study the location, gaze at the pictures, learn how to travel in the area of your dreams, read travel stories from the region, and otherwise indulge in an immersive getaway fantasy.

This isn't limited to just you, either! This makes for a perfect date idea. Or, if you know someone who could really use a trip, you can put together all of the above-mentioned items and send them as care packages to provide an affordable escape from reality.


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