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>> Friday, September 3, 2010

Aside from the academic programs being offered in our university, we also have our Community College which takes charge of vocational learning of many out-of-school youth in the area and nearby provinces. In few months’ time, these students learn new skills and are expected to take competency exams to be certified by a government agency in charge of technical-vocational skills development. The course which has the most enrollees is computer troubleshooting. The instructors are the university’s very own computer troubleshooting experts. Our Community College is proud to report that many graduates of the said course are now employed at government and private institutions in the city. Others are freelance computer troubleshooters serving their neighbors and small time businesses.

One of the proposals to provide more employment opportunities for the graduates is to establish a computer troubleshooting group that will cater to the needs of outside clients. We know that this is still a long shot but it is feasible. The persons in charge must first conduct feasibility studies and learn from those who are already engaged in the business like the Portland pc repair which specializes in home-based and small business computer maintenance and repair. One distinct feature that this Portland computer repair has is their onsite and remote services which both assure clients of quality service anywhere in Portland. I know that when given a chance, our graduates are capable of serving their future clients the way PCMD, Inc. provide Portland computer support to their customers.


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