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>> Friday, September 3, 2010

I have a longtime fascination with school and office supplies. I remember being entertained with my mom’s box of colorful paperclips whenever she brought me to her office during my younger years. When I was in grade school, some friends and I braved the big city to go to a school and office supply store and spent our meager savings colorful pens, stationeries, stickers and small notebooks. I was nine years old that time and my parents were not impressed when they learned about our little escapade.

These days, we need not flock the shops in order to shop for pens, binders, office paper, erasers and other office supplies, thanks to the convenience brought about by online office supply store like the Their inventory has over 37,000 high quality products for home and office. Finding a certain item can be easily done because their products are categorized accordingly and a state-of-the-art search tool is also available. Buyers seeking to save more on money and time can avail of the free delivery and next day shipping provided the order costs $50 or more and it placed prior to the cut-off time. Moreover, its monthly specials and deals let shoppers save more on home and office supplies.


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