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>> Monday, September 13, 2010

One of my friends who is a licensed civil engineer by profession finally took the plunge and started his own construction company. He was able to process his business registration and in no time, buy the necessary equipment with the help of his parents. He is now busy scouting for clients who wish to him for his service in constructing commercial or residential buildings. He relies solely on his network and referral from friends. It is unfortunate that a builders’ network is non-existent in our country yet. In the US,, an online provider of houseplans, created a program that lets builders’ join a network. Builders can register their company at and subsequently be added to the site’s database of builders for people to reference. The company’s information is made available to home buyers who are seeking a builder in their indicated area. The Builders' Advantage Program even offers exclusive discounts, special offers and publications to its member all year round.

It is commendable on the part of to initiate this kind of program aside from providing quality house plans. One can buy a pre-drawn house plan and build as is or it can be used as a starting off point in the design of one’s dream house. Indeed, is the best place to begin with when someone starts to fulfill his dream of building a house for his family.


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