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>> Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Looking for a new place to live can really be hard because there are so many decisions and considerations to think about. That’s especially true when you’ve never even been to the city you’re planning to move to.

My friend Teresa is moving to New Jersey because her husband just got a terrific new job there. I know a good job is important for a young family, but New Jersey? When I try to envision Teresa living in one of those New Jersey luxury apartments like the Beacon or Liberty Towers, it just doesn’t add up. She isn’t sure yet if they want to buy or rent after they sell their house in Michigan. She thinks they’ll make enough on the sale of the house to do either. For me, I’d always rather buy. But I think it might be a good idea to lease an apartment for a year or so to make sure they really like the area before they commit by buying a house. I looked online and found that apartment availability in New Jersey varies a lot depending on how much you can afford to pay for rent and what town you want to settle in.

I told Teresa that it’s important for her and her husband to first figure out what they need and want. Sure, hardwood floors and a hot tub are great extras, but there are more important things to think about, like a school for their daughter, how long of a lease they have to sign, if they get a parking spot with the rental, and what utilities are covered in the rent. They have a small dog named Mitzi that their daughter is very attached to; will pets be permitted and how much of a damage deposit will be required up front? Some apartments even require you to have doggy insurance while you rent from them.


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